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A Naughty Little Guide to – Being Naughty

This article is for every woman who wants to add a little variety to her sex life. Now, I’m not suggesting that you make a guest appearance in an X-rated movie or strut your stuff on amateur night at a downtown strip club. But let’s face it, even good girls needs to be naughty sometimes. The good news is that there are lots of fun things you can do to release your inner wild child and get your man’s mojo in overdrive. So whether you’re looking to add a little sizzle to your serious relationship or simply want to be a little bad – without ending up in jail – these tips are guaranteed to heat things up.

Dress For Sexxxess

Have you traded in your sexy lingerie for sensible cotton underwear? Are the tops and bottoms mismatched? Are the wires poking out of your push-up bras?

If you answered yes, then it’s definitely time to go lingerie shopping. Make a trip to one of the better lingerie stores where a knowledgeable salesperson can assist you. Choose a selection of bras and panties that are flattering to your figure. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Stay clear of the flannel nightgowns, cute cotton underwear with cartoon characters and head straight for the lace and satin. Splurge on sexy g-strings, a lacy barely-there chemise and thigh-high stockings in black, to start.

“Whether I’m with a man or not, I feel more desirable when I’ve got sexy underwear on,” says Kathleen, a 29-year old florist. “Nothing inspires a little naughty behavior more than fishnet stockings and a black, lace push-up bra.”

Create your own pleasure chest

Think of your bedroom as a theatre. To set the stage, replace your prim cotton sheets with luxurious black satin sheets and animal print pillows. Soften the lighting with scented candles.

Then add the props. Create your own pleasure chest. Fill a hatbox box with lotions, scented oils, and flavourful condoms.

“One night I surprised my boyfriend with chocolate body paint,” says 32-year old sales representative, Jessica. “We had as much fun cleaning up the mess as we did making it.”

You might also try out an item called, “Dirty Dice.” When you roll the pair, one instructs you to lick, tickle, kiss, suck, etc., the other describes a body part. You’ll have tons of naughty fun putting the two together.

And of course, no pleasure chest would be complete without one or two sex toys.

“In the past, I would never have admitted to anyone that I have a vibrator,” says 26-year-old graphic designer Linda. “But today, women are more open to owning and using sex toys. There are so many to choose from these days, there’s even a new Hello Kitty model.”

Plan ahead

Spontaneity is great but sometimes being naughty takes a little planning. If you’ve got a man in your life, plan a special evening at home. Rent a racy video. When he arrives, answer the door in your sexiest pair of high heel shoes and fishnet stockings.

Or venture outside. There’s a bit of a voyeur in all of us and the anticipation or idea of getting caught or watched while in the act of love is tantalizing and exciting.

Shelley, who has been married for almost five years, said: “My love life was getting a bit dull. We were stuck in a routine that just wasn’t exciting anymore. So the next time we went to the movies, I suggested we sit at the very back. When the theatre went dark, we started to fool around. It was exciting knowing we could get caught. We felt like teenagers again.”

The most important thing about getting into a naughty frame of mind is to get back in touch with your inner sex goddess.

A few other ideas to consider:

  • Flirt with the cute delivery man
  • Wear a sexy dress to work
  • Go out dancing and leave the panties at home
  • Mail him a naughty Polaroid
  • Buy him a one-year subscription to a risqué magazine
  • Request a male to give your next Swedish massage
  • Get a Brazilian wax
  • Book a room at a fabulous downtown hotel. Call your partner from the Jacuzzi and invite him over.

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